Football PROVES It…You CAN Go Home Again!

Football PROVES It…You CAN Go Home Again!

Thomas Wolfe famously wrote: You can’t go home again. And in quite a few instances this actually holds true – with one MAJOR exception. HOMECOMING! If we’re being honest, you may dread those visits to and from distant relatives, and genuinely avoid those uncomfortable reunions with past coworkers. BUT… when it comes to our school loyalties, we eagerly look forward to every chance we get to gather at our alma mater!

Those high school and college allegiances run DEEP. And regardless of past records – OR future prospects – football games at our schools inspire a desire to gather on our old stomping grounds to relive old glories and celebrate new victories. So it’s no wonder most annual Homecoming festivities tend to center around football. And these yearly pilgrimages have become an ingrained cultural tradition, in EVERY corner of our nation. As the “Designing Women” character Julia Sugarbaker so eloquently quoted: “In the East, football is a cultural exercise; in the Midwest, it’s cannibalism; in the West it’s a tourist attraction; but in the South, it’s a religion!”


Despite the current conditions, we still see students slowly returning to campuses and football games being played to empty or sparsely-populated stadiums. Social activities have begun to resume… with some new twists and safeguards. So can Homecoming be far behind?!?

Between the Spirit Week activities, dance, Royal Court presentations, parades, new dresses and outfits, pep rallies, traditional pranks, bonfires, and – hmmm, what are we forgetting here… ahhhh, FOOTBALL – it’s no wonder people look forward to the annual Homecoming rituals! Even in these particular times, it appears the lure of the gridiron is stronger than the COVID. And many schools continue to plan modified Homecoming celebrations this season.

Those Homecoming traditions have a POWERFUL gravitational pull, for students and alumni alike! Each

institution has also increasingly put their own unique spin on the events… although some of these “school-specific” rituals have endured for decades. But, in this COVID-19 era nothing says you can’t introduce NEW traditions to your Homecoming celebrations!

How about adding “socially-distanced” field presentations featuring 3-FOOT SPARKLERS to form your archways?  Isn’t that a LOT more fun than 6’ distance stickers?!? And with GUARANTEED 4-minute burn times and premium “no-droop” construction, your Royal Court and honor presentations will live up to even the highest Homecoming expectations. The same holds for parades, pep rallies and, of course, bonfires were just MADE for sparklers!

And don’t forget those staged “asks” for your dream date to the dance and other festivities. These have gone far beyond a simple query “proposed” between classes. So you can set the “sparkling” tone for your entire Homecoming week game plan, with the right “proposal!” Just ask us how to add some extra pizzazz to your Homecoming theme, and we’ll ship your customized package to you quicker than a tackle can sack a quarterback.

So while Homecoming may look a little different this year – with the NOTABLE allowance for those legendary Texas mums – why not give that “new look” something “extra” to inspire those determined to prove you CAN go home again… and ENJOY it!

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