Wondering what to get your Valentine?

Wondering what to get your Valentine?

Wondering what to get your valentine this year?   Don’t get caught empty handed or having to run to the grocery store to pick through candy and stuffed animals at the last minute.  Our adorable Heart Sparklers are sure to have them swooning over your thoughtful gesture!

I love you . Inscription sparklers on a dark background.

These romantic sparklers are the perfect way to show your someone special how much they mean to you!  You can put them on top of a cupcake, or use them as a centerpiece for your dinner table.  Or light them and profess your undying love for your Valentine.

Our heart shaped sparklers are carefully packaged to make sure there is no damage to the pyrotechnic material on each metal rod. There are 6 sparklers in each box and those are bundled together with sturdy tape at each end and in the middle to prevent and bouncing, banging or breaking. Then the bundle is encased in an envelope of bubble wrap and inserted into a card board box.

We recommend using a sharp pair of scissors or a box cutter to carefully cut away the sticky tape.   If you are preparing these as favors for your romantic celebration, don’t forget to do this ahead of time!

Also remember to have a butane lighter handy for lighting the first sparkler. A regular match just isn’t quite hot enough to do the job!   Each Heart Sparkler has a black Easy-Lit tip – just like all of our metal wire sparklers. It really does make a difference! Once you have one sparkler lit up, it’s easy to dip an unlit sparkler into the lit sparkler to keep the love light burning!

But hurry, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner – please be sure to add plenty of time for them to arrive to you by Valentine’s Day.

be my valentine text sign. happy valentine’s day concept. hand holding red heart balloon on white background with space for text. greeting card

Questions?  Contact Nicole at info@buysparklers.com or 888-990-8939.  We are happy to help!

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