Halloween Party Favors

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Halloween Party Favors

Make a flare at your next Halloween party by adding Halloween party favors to your spooky event.

Party Poppers for Halloween Parties
Celebrate Halloween with poppers that shoot out confetti paper far into the air. Use the 72 multi-colored party champagne poppers filled with confetti for your special day. They are perfect for any Halloween celebration.  Champagne Party Poppers are safe for kids to use as long as they point the popper straight in the air away from other people.

Sparklers for Halloween Parties
Send your guests home with a spooky favor from your Halloween party!  Sparklers make fun party favors for all ages. Have a costume contest and give your winners a box of sparklers for a unique favor.
Kids love to draw characters like jack-o-lanterns, witches hat, black cats in the air with sparklers.  Be sure to set your camera to slower shutter speed to capture these fun moments with sparklers.  When you supervise this event, sparklers at a child’s party fascinate, enchant, and enhance your special day and night!
When using sparklers to celebrate a child’s Halloween party, you will want to be very safety conscious.  Our sparklers have a thick metal wire which allows the sparklers to produce very little smoke, but they stay hot for quite some time after they have burned out.  It is best to have a metal bucket filled with water or sand nearby to dispose of hot sparklers to prevent burns.
Pop Pop Snappers
A favorite of all kids for any occasion!    Drop It.  Throw It. Step on It…. Everyone will love these fun Party Pop Pop Snappers.  They are a great way to bring friends and family together for a “popping” good time!  Scare your guests as they arrive at your front door for you event by throwing a handful down by their feet as they walk up to your door.
So go ahead . . . Make this a Halloween celebration to remember with our Halloween party favors sparkling light!

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