Groom’s Wedding Sparkler Surprise

Wedding photgraphy with sparklers

Groom’s Wedding Sparkler Surprise

A groom sent in these gorgeous sparkler photos from his recent wedding.  I am loving how spectacular the pictures turned out!

Troy sent in the following message with his gorgeous photos:

My wife and I recently got married this past May. She was completing her last year of college and was extremely busy, so I planned most of our big day’s details, while she watched our budget. Needless to say I wanted the very best and to remember this party for a lifetime. So we were eventually over budget and beginning to realize some of our amazing ideas would not become a reality. 

However, one night I decided to do some shopping to see what sparklers I could find and make it a surprise for the fiancé. I found an incredible deal at BuySparklers.com. Not only affordable, but high quality and arrived earlier than expected. 

My fiancé found the package and couldn’t believe I bought more things for the wedding. After a heated conversation, I assured her that my idea would work and it would be most memorable. She was pessimistic of what the outcome of my idea would be but she eventually came to terms with my decision. 

I know many people say this, but we found it true. The wedding day goes so fast. It is almost like the blink of an eye. We tried to take every moment in and hold on to it as long as possible. I guess you can call me a romantic and an emotional wreck of a groom. Anyways…about half way through our reception the now wife and I ran outside with some of our close friends to help with the photo idea. Using the excellent sparklers, we have some of the most amazing heartfelt pictures. Timeless, romantic, and enchanting the sparklers added that extra touch of class. 


I will forever remember that moment with my beautiful bride. Us giggling holding still as our friends pranced around. Our photographers saying with excitement “this is amazing.” And of course the I told you so comment. 

From the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for helping make an everlasting memory!”


What a beautiful story that matches beautiful photos!  Thank you Troy for sharing this with us!

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