They Call Them “GRAND” For A Reason!

They Call Them “GRAND” For A Reason!

“Once upon a time, boys and girls, there was a sweet little old lady and an adorable little old man. They lived in a magical cottage where treats and hugs and coins were liberally distributed. And this wondrous place was known as ‘Grandparent Land’!”

See,  the word “grandparent” used to mean some frail little old man or woman, who sat in a chair and watched the “Weather Channel” or baked cookies all day…but, TODAY’S grandparents continue to rewrite the book on the legacy they’re leaving their children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. What was once a sedate weekend with

Grammy and Pop-Pop, now could include a ride on jet skis or snowmobiles! And this upcoming Sunday, we herald EVERY Nana, Grandma, Meemaw, Granddaddy, Grandpa, Paw-Paw, and every other incarnation of the unconditional love we celebrate on #NationalGrandparentsDay!

It’s been said – by grandparents, we suspect – that grandchildren are the reward for raising your children! And, that bond between a grandparent and a grandchild are among the things just MEANT to go together. Like peanut butter and jelly or cake and ice cream, grandparents and their grandkids are the perfect mix of “sweet and savory!” Sharing the secrets of their parents’ misdeeds as kids, enthusiastically reading the same book over and over AND OVER, again, genuinely enjoying the taboo of “breaking the rules,” all create a lasting foundation and memories that they will one day share with THEIR own children.

Yet, despite this valuable connection, Grandparents Day wasn’t even recognized as a “real” holiday UNTIL 1978… decades after respective parents got their “days!” And it wasn’t the “sure thing” those who introduced the resolution the FIRST time… yep, it failed on the first try. YIKES!!! Quite a controversial history, for dear sweet Granny and Big Dad!

Although grandparents may be best known for their tendency to “indulge” their grandchildren – MUCH more so than they did their own kids (and much to the consternation of these now-grown “children” who are being “spoiled rotten”) – we all know the BEST gift or treat they can give is their time and attention. Sharing stories and family traditions, introducing these young minds to new ideas and experiences, passing on their knowledge and skills, can all be considered genuinely priceless gifts!

So even if this Grandparents Day looks a little different, or your plans include a safe and “socially-distant” celebration, there’s no reason why you STILL can’t bring some “sparkle” into their lives – and YOURS! With “straight-to-your-doorstep” delivery, and a stunning array of “snap, sizzle and pop” guaranteed to warm the heart of ANY grandparent, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness… and give THEM a priceless memory, too!

And if you’re overwhelmed by the abundance of selections, we’re just an email or phone call away and ready to help you put together the PERFECT Grandparents Day display. After all they’ve done for you – and continue to enrich the lives of their grandkids – they’ve well-earned the title “GRAND”…because they’ve EARNED it!

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