Graduation Party Favors

Grad blowing confetti

Graduation Party Favors

Graduations not only celebrate someone’s most recent accomplishment, but they also mark the beginning of the next step.  Graduations are also called commencement ceremonies because the honoree is not only graduating from one experience, but moving on to the start of something new.

Many of us have attended commencement ceremonies for students graduating from high school and college.  It is especially fun to attend preschool, kindergarten or elementary school graduations.  What a fabulous way for young children to receive praise and love while leaving a lasting impression with them for the importance of education.

Graduation parties are a fun way to help the graduate celebrate with family and friends.  It is a time to thank family members and close friends for their support and encouragement along the way.  And graduation party favors can make the party even more special!


Graduation Party Favors – More Information

One of our most popular products for graduation party favors is the party popper. Party poppers are perfect to use for a graduation party. When the string is pulled they create a loud bang while shooting colorful confetti or streamers everywhere.

Another popular party favor for your graduation celebration is the sparkler.  Sparklers are 10″ long and they produce radiant sparks of brightly lit color that last for about 35-45 seconds each.

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