Give YOURSELF A Pat On The Back – You EARNED It!

Give YOURSELF A Pat On The Back – You EARNED It!

We’ve previously discussed the true value of “bribes” to facilitate virtually every aspect of our personal and professional lives. C’mon, can you think of a single person who DOESN’T like to be rewarded or recognized for an accomplishment?! We do it for our kids and friends, good leaders do it for their team, schools and organizations do it for their students and participants. So, the question begs, do you do it for YOURSELF?!?  You earned it!

Most people have “mental” goals they set for themselves. Some come in the form of traditional “New Year’s Resolutions.” Others arise out of either individual or career necessity, i.e. financial, productivity, personal habits, points of pride, health – well, the list is as long as there are individuals on this planet. But, we each have that “something” we’re consciously working toward.

However, having it as a personal or private goal also means we may lack the built-in “cheerleaders” to celebrate reaching those little milestones for and with us. And that can be discouraging… sometimes to the point where, without some external “pep squad” to TELL us we did something wonderful, we may be tempted to just give up!

And while you may NOT want to share this particular journey with the world, it shouldn’t mean you have to forego the pats on the back every time you make progress. So here’s an idea: Be your OWN cheerleader! Just as you have those mile markers set out, EACH ONE should also have an automatic “Atta-boy” or “Atta-girl” reward attached to it. Aside from your “big picture” goal, you should have tangible rewards for which you are working. There’s a reason we talk about “the carrot at the end of the stick”… and even YOU need that “carrot” sometimes to keep going.

Depending upon your specific aspiration, you could tailor the reward to the ultimate goal. Want to lose 10 pounds to fit into this exquisite outfit, for an upcoming event? After the first two or three, reward yourself with a new accessory to compliment your ensemble. Seven pounds DEFINITELY sounds like a new pair of shoes to us! So focusing on those more “bite-sized” targets makes the final objective seem a lot more attainable and manageable. It goes back to that old adage: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” And that’s how you will achieve YOUR goal… one step at a time, with tempting rewards along the way!

And, these little bits of inspiration don’t even have to involve a trip to the mall. Take a minute and think about some of the most thoughtful or meaningful things someone has done for or said about you. The boss who left you thoughtful, encouraging, handwritten notes on your desk… the significant other who just brought you a cupcake and a single flower… the friend who emailed you a Starbucks gift card. Guess what? You can – and SHOULD – do all of these same thoughtful things for YOU! Splurge, send yourself a flower arrangement when you’ve had a good day… or sometimes, when you’ve had a really BAD day and truly NEED that emotional boost.

Too often we sacrifice “self-care” and our own well-being (emotional, physical, financial, professional) on the altar of being a positive influence and “good” person in the lives of others. You deserve the same encouragement, even if you’re taking this particular journey solo. So TREAT YOURSELF! You can manifest that sizzle you seek with some ACTUAL sizzle… and reward yourself with some sparkling treats!We’re firm believers in the power of positive reinforcement and the well-deserved pat on the back – and we know just how to put together the perfect rewards. Give us a call or drop us an email, and we’ll put together a custom premium incentive package tailored specifically to you…and then ship it directly to your front door. After all, you EARNED it!



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