Fire & Water: It’s ELEMENT-ARY, My Dear Watson!

Fire & Water: It’s ELEMENT-ARY, My Dear Watson!

Fire & Water: It’s ELEMENT-ARY, My Dear Watson!  Even if you snoozed during those chemistry or physics classes in school, chances are you STILL managed to walk away with a few tidbits of knowledge… like that handy little ROY G BIV mnemonic for the light spectrum, or possibly the four classic elements: earth, water, air and fire!


The concept that these four elements – earth, water, air, and fire – made up all matter was the cornerstone of philosophy, science and medicine for over TWO MILLENNIA. And, while we now know these previous theories are simplistic at best, in a way the four elements DO align with the four states of matter that modern science has agreed upon: solid (earth), liquid (water), gas (air), and plasma (fire)… so we guess those ancient scholars weren’t too far off the mark!

However, the REAL fireworks begin when you start combining those classic elements! And you can literally see evidence of this all around you. Think about it, spectacular storms give us rain and lightning… when wind and oceans do battle we get hurricanes and typhoons… and tsunamis result when earthquakes and water collide. Yet, these elemental encounters can also give us BREATHTAKING moments!


Remember that warm and calm feeling of watching a candle flicker gently in a night breeze? Recall those warm summer afternoons lying on a sugary beach, listening to the waves lap gently at your feet? And, of course, MANY a memorable event or gathering has featured the combination of those classic fire and water elements.


It has actually become almost de rigueur in architectural and outdoor living designs! Everyone creating their ideal backyard oasis wants BOTH water and fire features. Whether it’s a wall of gently cascading water behind a fire pit, or floating “islands” of fire in the pool, you cannot deny the power of pairing these two elements. So it comes as no surprise that this classic combination has also shows up in “temporary” environment designs with increasing frequency!

A shot of the burning bowls of fire set on the river during the annual WaterFire event in Providence, Rhode Island.

For decades, “Fire & Ice” have been themes for every sort of imaginable event – from charitable fundraisers to grand galas, with retirements, weddings and birthdays in between. However, until fairly recently the “fire” part of these gatherings has been usually limited to various forms of candlelight. NOT ANYMORE!!


With the wide selection of high-end sparklers NOW available, both professional event planners and retail consumers can actually put the “fire” into their gatherings! Ice sculpture or floating “island” centerpieces literally come alive when paired with sparklers. And backyard pool parties or friends gathered for evenings around the fire pit, take on an extra twilight “twinkle” when you add that simple pyrotechnic element!


And, for some REAL “bang” you can put together THREE elements: liquid, fire AND air… when you add some bottle sparklers to your champagne or sparkling wine service! Talk about a “POP!”


Yet, all of these spectacular moments – brought to you by those simple little elements – can only be rivaled by those truly intimate times. A quiet evening in a tub filled with bubbles, sipping a relaxing beverage, surrounded by candlelight (or even sparklers… yeah, we said it!), listening to music or reading an engaging story, offers the perfect cure for the ills of the day. Or even, those treasured moments with your closest friends or family, just sitting on the beach by a campfire roasting marshmallows or providing a little of your own nighttime “starlight” with a few sparklers, will linger in your memory for years!

So, as we embark on this traditional summer “outdoor” season, you will find PLENTY of opportunities to put together some “element-ary” combinations! Regardless of whether you’re an event pro or just someone who wants to step-up the “wow factor” at your gatherings, give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll put together the perfect package customized JUST for you. After all, it’s what we do… for US, “It’s element-ary, my Dear Watson!”

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