New #36 Inch Sparkler

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New #36 Inch Sparkler

BuySparklers.com has some exciting news about our New #36 Inch Sparkler to share! We now have a #36 inch sparkler that burns for 4 minutes and 45 seconds!!!
We have been working with our manufacturer in China for the past year to develop a sparkler that burns for almost 5 minutes, that still has the same beautiful glow and a very strong metal stick that we can sell for the exact same price as our old #36 sparkler. They just arrived and are fabulous!
One of the major problems with the #36 inch sparkler is the wire stick is so flimsy that when you twirl them around for sparkler writing, they bend in half. We have always used and will continue to only have the strongest, thickest wire available not only for safety reasons, but so they look beautiful! We found a way to keep the cost down and still have a very sturdy metal stick. 
With the old sparklers, you still have to use a BBQ or Butane Lighter to light them – a regular lighter or match are not strong enough to light them.
We are still selling the  New #36 Inch Sparklers for $27.19 for 24 sparklers – that is $1.13 for 5 minutes of beautiful glow time!  We know that you are going to LOVE them as much as we do!

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