Engagement Season Is Coming

Engagement Season Is Coming

Engagement Season Is Coming –   Did you know that 40% of marriage proposals happen from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day.  According to WeddingWire.com, Engagment season is a real thing, not only here in the United States, but throughout the world as well.

The romantic winter atmosphere makes suitors more likely to propose during the holiday season.  Could it be a mixture of the cold, snuggling weather or all the beautiful decorations all adorn everywhere?  Whatever it is, it sure surrounds couples with love this time of year.  Many are out trying to find the perfect ring, and are getting family and friends involved in popping the question.

We LOVE it when our sparklers are used to make the proposal perfect!

A lot of creativity goes into popping the question in a unique, memorable way.  With enough planning (and helpers) a sparkler proposal can be easily pulled off.  You will need to purchase the long, 4 minute sparklers so there will be enough time to get down on one knee.  Lining a sidewalk with the sparklers staked in the ground is a great way to propose.

Be sure to have someone around to take photos or videos of the special moment.  Once she says “YES” you can create really amazing engagement photos with the extra sparklers.  If you are hiring a photographer, make sure to tell them you will be using sparklers for the proposal.  They will need to bring a special lens to capture the amazing sparkler writing photos.  Try writing “YES” or the word “LOVE” with sparklers to capture the treasured moment.


Sparklers are so magical and beautiful!  It’s no wonder they are used for so many special moments in life!  The engagement could be the start of a lifelong tradtion of incorporating sparklers into all your events!


Since engagement season is coming soon, don’t wait until the last minute to start planning.  For more information, call Nicole at 888-990-8939 – we are happy to help!


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