Wishing You a Wonderful End to Summer!

Sparklers on the Beach

Wishing You a Wonderful End to Summer!

Wishing you a wonderful end to Summer!  It is that time of year when all the summer fun comes to a halt as we start to focus on fall.  There are always plans to have one last BBQ or picnic at the beach to send summer off its way.  Pool time, sunscreen, music, and lots of delicious food is expected for the final soiree.  One magical touch that shouldn’t be forgotten is adding sparklers to the warm evening fun.

wedding exit with sparklers

Sparklers are always such a fun addition to any event, even family BBQs.  Right after the hot sun goes down and everyone has just finished dessert, gather family and friends around to grab a sparkler.  Light up the sky with gold sparklers or the cool neon sparklers and have everyone trace their name or symbols in the air.  Watch the delight on all their faces as they twirl the sparklers and the magic happens.

jakob owens sparkler photography

People of all ages have always had a love affair with sparklers!  There is something nostalgic about lighting up the sparkler and holding in your hand.  Be sure to end your summer with a spark!


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