Elevate “Booze-In-A-Bag” With Incendiary Intoxication!

Elevate “Booze-In-A-Bag” With Incendiary Intoxication!

Elevate “Booze-In-A-Bag” With Incendiary Intoxication! Aside from that ubiquitous fruitcake, NOTHING is more “expected” as a gift than a bottle of some libation. It’s quick, easy, and usually appreciated… and, the fermented “kick” aside, it’s BORING! Be honest – how many gatherings or “white elephant” gift exchanges have you attended where there WASN’T a bottle (or four) of something “royal” in a purple cloth bag or a “touch of the grape” shoved into a gift bag with some generic tissue paper stuffed around it?!?

Sure, most people DO appreciate it – assuming you HAVE taken the initiative to do even minor research on their tastes. But, it’s also infinitely forgettable, as is the giver. It joins other bottles on a shelf, rack or cooler and usually just disappears without a single lingering thought going to the “who, when or where” of how they got it.

Now, you DO have the choice to settle for the “expected” status quo. BUT, you can easily kick it up a notch with one or more simple additions to that standard “booze-in-a-bag.” Probably the quickest and easiest way can actually be found just an aisle or two over from that bottle you grabbed off the shelf: accessories! A bottle of wine suddenly garners more attention, if accompanied by a unique bottle stopper, wine aerator, glass charms or some other nifty novelty for the discerning oenophile. Plus, long after the wine is gone, a reminder of YOUR gift will remain!

And, you can also use some of these accoutrements to add a bit of flare to your gift wrapping. C’mon… everyone already has a PRETTY good idea of what’s in the package, so it’s not like you’re giving away any state secrets here! Why not give it a little pizzazz. After all – like it or not – we DO judge a gift by its wrapping, so you might as well make a REAL statement!


Let’s not overlook the “distilled” options, so popular for those last-minute holiday gifts. Again, adding a package of whisky stones, some bar tools or a couple of crystal glasses – your options are WIDE OPEN in this category – promises to make a much greater initial reaction, and lasting impact.

Of course, many of your finer wines and liquors come in “gift sets” where they’ve taken all of the guess work – and LEG work – out of the equation for you. And, they come with a price tag that reflects this “convenience!” But, they most-assuredly carry a proportional “wow-factor” as a gift. These tend to fall into the “collector” or high-end “enthusiast” category, and while they may be worth the price, it’s still not something you want to break the bank buying for a random hostess, thank you or white elephant gift.

However, you don’t have to go into debt for these presents, when a little advance planning can garner the SAME “Oooo-and-Ahhhs” from fellow guests and recipients, alike. With the rise of local wineries, micro-breweries and distilleries, you can often get personalized labels (or even custom “batches”) tailored for a specific occasion or gift. And you can EVEN design and print your own labels, if you want to invest the time and energy into this DIY project. However, these unique touches can elevate an otherwise “modest” wine, brew or spirit, to something truly special!

And the final touch, guaranteed to pop the cork on excitement for ANY “bottled” gift is an over-the-top, sparkling bottle service! Of course, you could always use a few of these “intoxicating incendiaries” as embellishments for your last-minute “booze-in-a-bag.” Suddenly, you look like you planned ahead, gave your gift thoughtful consideration, and genuinely care about the recipient. WOW… all for just a few dollars. Such a deal!

We’ve seen it work time and again, all to rave reviews! And our expert team will gladly walk you through the options. You can even take advantage of “bulk” pricing to stock-up and keep on-hand with your other gift wrapping supplies… like those handy bags, ribbon and tissue paper. Imagine the looks of surprise and delight when what started out as an ordinary “booze-in-a-bag” gift is now – quickly and easily – elevated to intoxicating new heights, making YOU the “toast of the town!”


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