Dreams Of Fairy Tales & Fantasies CAN Come True!

Dreams Of Fairy Tales & Fantasies CAN Come True!

Dreams Of Fairy Tales & Fantasies CAN Come True!  At some point, EVERYONE indulges in a few fantasies… and for many, this dates back to their childhood, when they possibly dreamed of being the star of their own fairy tale or stepping into their favorite movie or television show. And while most put those early whimsical musings – grudgingly accepting the realities of adulthood – some continued to harbor those magical fantasies. And for THOSE dreamers, we have some good news: Many of your dreams and fantasies are NOT beyond reach, and CAN come true!


Believe it or not, quite a few “fantastical” locales are not only available to visit, but can ALSO host your fairy tale wedding or event. This is particularly timely, in light of the current social climate, as more and more couples and companies are opting for event destinations that do not involve flying or cruising and can be reached by car. So taking a cue from those who desire to hold their gathering with their own “social group bubble” we’re going to take our earlier venue tour a “magical” step further.


Obviously, the logical place to start when discussing “magical” venues is the legendary HOME of “magic” – the Magic Kingdoms of Walt Disney! C’mon… who didn’t dream of being a fairy princess or prince?!? And, with the availability of licensed Disney Princess wedding gowns, along with the ability to not only get married in the Cinderella Castle, but even honeymoon in the castle’s luxury suite, it doesn’t get any closer to making fantasies come true than this. If you want to take this one step further, there’s even Disney-inspired jewelry. Talk about your “sparkle!”

However, walking a mile in the footsteps of fairy tale royalty is not everyone’s fantasy. No worries… there’s a venue for everyone, regardless of YOUR particular daydream! Maybe you eat, sleep and breathe home runs and no-hitters, imagine taking the big league mound, and playing on your own personal “Field of Dreams.” Guess what… you CAN visit (and stage your event) at the actual site of the Field Of Dreams movie, located in Dyersville, Iowa. Now THAT’S a “home run!”


Yet, the personal fantasies of some may involve stepping into a comedic romp. There’s something for you, TOO! If re-living the endless day of Bill Murray in the idyllic setting of Groundhog Day is more your cup o’ tea, we’ve got you covered. Not only is the actual inn where the fictional character “Phil” stayed a REAL B&B, but you can not only stay there but also visit some of the iconic sites from the movie. And you DON’T have to travel all the way to Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. If you do want to hold your wedding or event at the site where the movie was ACTUALLY filmed, you should head for the village of Woodstock, Illinois. And, you can be guaranteed it’ll be a day YOU’LL never forget!

Now, if the Midwest or East/West Coasts of the United States are either too far for a reasonable car trip or miss the mark for your particular fantasies, you can indulge in some good ol’ fashioned Southern hospitality in Savannah, Georgia. As the site for both Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil and the iconic park bench scenes where our protagonist recounts his life tale for passersby in Forrest Gump this city has something for everyone searching for a magical event venue!


You can exchange your vows in the downtown historic district Chippewa Square of Savannah. Or, if something a bit more “nautical” is right up your alley, the Georgia Queen Riverboat docks right in Savannah and can host your corporate event or special occasion celebration. Of course, MANY of the venues featured in the true-life tale of “Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil” can also be visited and even used for private gatherings. And while the Lady Chablis sadly passed in 2016, many of the same eccentric characters – and the places they frequent – can still be seen today. And this even includes the infamous Mercer House and the titled graveyard… both said to be visited by spirits who have moved on to the other side. So whether it’s a historic journey or a bit of cinematic nostalgia you seek, Savannah has something to fulfill BOTH fantasies!


And while we have MANY other options (which we just may feature in another post at some point in the future), it seems only fitting to finish up today sort of where we started – with Cinderella. Only THIS is an updated version of the iconic “Fairy Godmother Tale,” featuring a corporate raider in this magical  role. In case you haven’t guessed by now, we’re talking about “Pretty Woman” and the iconic five-star hotel where much of the film took place… the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

YES… this is a REAL place! And you can not only stay there but also have their top-flight staff handle either your wedding or event. Of course, since it’s situated adjacent to the famed Rodeo Drive luxury boutiques and conspicuous consumerism, fulfilling ANY fantasy will not be a problem… after all, Los Angeles IS the city of dreams!


And what fantasy doesn’t feature some extra “sparkle”?!? With an elegant assortment of embellishments for YOUR fairy tale, you’ll have plenty of “fairy dust” magic to enhance your fantasy gathering! We also know you’ll have your hands full planning your dream event, so we make it EASY for you to get that added “pizzazz” by shipping your accoutrement DIRECTLY to your site! Of course, our “Sparkling Experts” always stand ready to help make YOUR dreams of fairy tales and fantasies REALLY come true!



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