We have been buying Diwali sparklers from them for years! The website is easy to use and we love the local pick up option! Our festival of lights has been brighter and sparkly because of BuySparklers!


Diwali is the biggest holiday of the year in India, and is celebrated by millions around the world.  This enchanting Festival of Lights comes from India, but it’s become popular all across the United States! BuySparklers.com is America’s most trusted source for top quality, reliable sparklers to enhance any Diwali celebration. Try a Diwali Ice Torch Fountain, which creates a waterfall-type effect of bright white sparks. Or a pack of Neon Special Effect Diwali Sparklers, containing a variety of dazzling displays such as changing colors and crackling glitter sparklers.

Recommended Diwali Party Favors

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