Different Types of Sparklers

Rain of sparks from a sparkler

Different Types of Sparklers

Use sparklers to celebrate any occasion and add a special flare to even the simplest of events. Bring the magic of the 4 th to any party, such as, weddings, graduations, and birthdays.  There are several different types of sparklers on the market…. be sure to choose the right sparkler for your event.

A sparkler burns with a beautifully vibrant shower of sparks over a long period of time . . . up to a minute! It never explodes, like a firecracker, which is designed to explode quickly after being lit. The reason for this is that the main ingredients of a sparkler are an oxidizer, a fuel, a combustible binder, and either iron, steel, aluminum, or another kind of metal powder. Additionally, sparklers may contain other components to provide color and effect.

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Sparklers are composed of a thin steel wire or bamboo splint that has been dipped in the aforementioned pyrotechnic substance thickly coating about 2/3 of the wire. NOTE: before lighting any sparkler, check that the coating looks smooth without signs of damage.

Sparklers come in many varieties There are colored sparklers, whistling sparklers, crackling sparklers, and gold sparklers just to name a few. Sparklers are also available in many colors and sizes, so that you can create the perfect atmosphere for your occasion.

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