Dentists: Give Those Smiles Even MORE “Sparkle!”

Dentists: Give Those Smiles Even MORE “Sparkle!”

Dentists: Give Those Sparkling Smiles Even MORE “Sparkle!”  Today, we have a question for you: In any normal 24-hour day, how much time do you spend thinking about the idea of “happiness?” Take away those eight or so hours for work, and if you’re lucky, another eight for sleep. So, in those remaining eight hours a day, does the concept of happiness even cross your mind?!?


Maybe when you’re enjoying a particularly tender moment with your kids, or recalling a special time with loved ones, you MAY contemplate your happiness… and smile. Yet, ironically, the thought of visiting the place where you receive CARE for those smiles – in all probability – makes very FEW people “happy!”


So, we thought we’d give “smiles” a bit of perspective, with a look at “grins-by-the-numbers!”

  • Women smile over twice as much as men, 77% to 35%… yep, average woman smiles about 62 times a day! Men? Only EIGHT!
  • Babies are born with the natural ability to smile and start at around three weeks old… so you can just smile at that cranky relative who insists it’s just gas!
  • ALL people are born with the ability to smile. They don’t just copy the expressions of those around them – even babies born without sight, smile INSTINCTIVELY!
  • But, don’t fool yourself! Newborns show a definite preference for smiling faces over non-smiling faces.
  • There are 18 DIFFERENT TYPES of smiles used in a variety of social situations.
  • Babies have special smiles – called Duchenne smiles of joy and happiness – for those they love the most!
  • Human beings can differentiate between the genuinely “felt” smile – again, our friend the Duchenne smile – and the “social” smile. The key is in the eyes… so those Irish eyes really ARE smiling!
  • And, while we’re talking about those “faked smiles,” you should know that when you smile, your brain releases endorphins that make you feel better – and even a “fake” smile releases endorphins… so you can actually fake it until you make it!

With so much positive information about smiles, you’d think Dentists would be the MOST popular folks around. But, instead most people rank a fear of dental visits right up there with death and public speaking…YIKES!!! So, it looks like oral health professionals need to put a little “sparkle” on their image, and not just on smiles.


And we have the PERFECT antidote… SPARKLING rewards for healthy, sparkling smiles! You can EASILY encourage your patients to take care of their smiles – and keep those scheduled appointments – if they KNEW a sparkling surprise would also accompany those visits.


We’ve previously discussed the value of “bonus” programs for small business owners (as many local dentists ARE), and if you need to interject some “happiness” into your client visits, we can’t think of anything else GUARANTEED to bring a smile to every face – young, and mature, alike.

Although patients DO appreciate the complimentary toothbrush, paste and floss they usually receive every visit, just imagine how much they’ll love not only the sparkle their smiles have after a visit, but a little EXTRA sparkle to enjoy later! Who knows… it may actually serve as an oral care reminder. Hey, it’s worth a shot! AND, it can help your patients to make a mental shift to that “happiness quadrant” when they think of you.

And even though we’re not dental professionals, we ARE experts when it comes to smiles… so give us a call or drop us an email for a consultation, and suggestions how YOUR practice can create sparkling smiles for your patients not only in your OFFICE, but long AFTER they leave!

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