“Decisions, Decisions, Decisions”… Dare To Declare A Decision-Free Day!

“Decisions, Decisions, Decisions”… Dare To Declare A Decision-Free Day!

Regardless of what “hat” you may wear professionally every day, all work has ONE thing common: the unending stream of decisions we must make in the course of just one day! From medical personnel, who hold the health, well-being and lives in their very hands, to the parent who must make scores of “on-the-fly” decisions regarding the welfare and management of their household (and its inhabitants), we ALL have become decision-making machines.

Scientists have even researched it! Did you realize the average adult in the U.S. makes no less than 35,000 DECISIONS EVERY DAY?!? Even kids are not exempt, with the same study citing an eye-opening 3,000 daily!

Not surprisingly, this can lead to an actual diagnosed psychological issue known as “decision fatigue.” And most people fail to recognize to most damaging effects. Those who believe they can “power through” with no problem, don’t realize that the more “fatigued” they get, the poorer their decisions become! YIKES!!!

Sometimes we need to take a MENTAL break from our work… regardless of what the nature of our “work” may be. Even people who don’t go to offices, in a traditional 9-to-5 setting, still need that time to just take a break from the onslaught of decisions. Artists have long-known the value of stepping away, reflecting and allowing their “creative wells” to replenish.

So as we approach this “unusual” Labor Day, with many of the tried-and-true celebratory activities no longer on the picnic table (so to speak), it may seem like the current situation may have, in fact,venta viagra españa https://4dreams.es/comprar-viagra-sin-receta

MULTIPLIED the number of decisions you have to make… for a holiday about REST, no less! Talk about adding insult to “decision-fatigue” injury.

What if, instead of thinking and worrying and debating about how to celebrate the upcoming Labor Day holiday, you declared that day (or better still, the entire weekend) a “decision-free” zone? Sure, those “micro-decisions” that pepper our day will still be a part of the scenario e.g. “Do I want to get up for another drink”… “Would I like another taco”… “Hmmm, a nap on the couch or the recliner?” But, giving yourself express permission to NOT think about so much of what consumes us during our daily lives, might just be the BEST Labor Day holiday you ever spent!

Now, we’re about to throw a TINY “monkey wrench” into this plan. You WILL have to choose among the dazzling variety of sparklers we offer, so you can complete that serene, transformative, Zen-like atmosphere this Labor Day Weekend is begging for! But, our “decision experts” can make short work of whittling down the best choices for YOU.

And, with our Rapid Ship Promise you’ll have NO worries about your sparkling relaxation arriving in time for the holiday weekend! You can let the mesmerizing sparks literally burn away that “decision fatigue,” leaving you refreshed and ready to conquer the new season of decisions ahead.

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