Dazzling Sparkler Exit

Grant and Branna wedding sparkler photo

Dazzling Sparkler Exit

This Dazzling Sparkler Exit was just sent in from this gorgeous Texas couple, Grant These and Breanna Carver!

I L-O-V-E that the guests gave the bride and groom enough room to make their grand exit. There was no need to stoop over or hunch down.  They had plenty of room to walk through the sparkling tunnel. Amazingly, their photographer was able to capture this amazing moment!  The guests also held the sparklers up and away from their neighbor which is the safest way to have a sparkler arch.

The bride used our #36 Inch Gold Wedding Sparklers to create her magical, fairy tale wedding!  The #36 Inch Sparklers have a burn time of 4 fabulous minutes that allows photographers to make their magic happen.



This has to be the BEST sparkler picture we have ever received!  The bride and groom stopped at the end of the sparkler tunnel and they both held on to their drinks while Grant dipped Breanna for a kiss!

A big thank you to Grant These and Breanna Carver for sending in their fantastic wedding photos!!

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