Dazzling Mazels & Mitzvahs…Be They “Bar” Or “Bat“

Dazzling Mazels & Mitzvahs…Be They “Bar” Or “Bat“

Dazzling Mazels & Mitzvahs…Be They “Bar” Or “Bat“.  If you were a fan of the show “Sex And The City” then you may recall an interesting storyline in one of the episodes. Surprisingly, we’re not talking about Charlotte’s first wedding – or even her “comedy of errors” nuptials to Harry. And no, it’s not the intimate garden ceremony between Miranda and Steve. Nope! This one actually involved Samantha…so you KNOW it’s not a wedding, or even one of the countless baby showers throughout the years.

In this particular episode, event planner extraordinaire and PR maven, Samantha, has been hired by a precocious soon-to-be-teen to stage her upcoming elaborate, A-List, Bat Mitzvah party. And despite her business acumen and extensive professional experience, THIS one almost pushes Sam over the edge!

As someone on the cusp of Jewish adulthood, this young lady certainly asserts her newly-attained “adult” status. Now, if this is enough to test the patience of a seasoned party planner, just IMAGINE having to shoulder this responsibility alone…complete with your child’s expectations! Although tween and teen girls can present something of a “challenge” as they begin to test their independence, young men on the verge of their teen years also come with their own set of “difficulties.”

You can already picture it: A group of 12-13- and 14-year-old Bar Mitzvah boys, filled with awakening testosterone, maybe facing their first real social scenario with girls. Let’s face it, you need something BIG to impress this generation of kids, who regularly experience video-induced adrenaline surges!   And, those “sugar-and-spice” young ladies populating a Bat Mitzvah guest list, grew up with certain expectations AND a need to “top” the parties of their friends. This rite of passage will be well-documented on social media and the topic of discussion for weeks, if not months or years!

Obviously, this calls for pyrotechnics of an epic proportion! And, as the PREMIER supplier for upscale events, BuySparklers.com can ensure your Bar or Bat Mitzvah youngster will be the envy of their peers… while also having engaging fun at their soiree.   From “sparkling” cake décor, to age-appropriate bottle service dazzling embellishments, we can help you design the PERFECT experience for both the boy, or girl, of honor AND their guests!  Our #36 Inch Gold Party Sparklers will be the talk of the party!  With a 4 minute burn time, guests will enamored with the sparkling party favors.

Your imagination – and that of your soon-to-be-adult kiddo – is the only limit to the spectacular celebration we can create. And, as experienced event vendors, we have the knowledge and skills to successfully and smoothly coordinate with others (such as caterers, bakers, florists, entertainers, etc.) to bring your Bar or Bat Mitzvah visions to life!   So whether it’s a star-spangled menorah or Star of David, a sparkling circle on the dance floor or photo ops guaranteed to go viral, the day your child becomes a man or woman, SHOULD be filled with both dazzling mazels and mitzvahs!

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