Covid Safe Fun

COVID-Safe Fun

COVID-19 has changed how we celebrate, but BuySparklers.com can help you have fun safely!

Nicole Sparks, Owner

Here are a few ideas for adding sparkle to life’s celebrations during this time:

Birthday Parties

Instead of topping the cake with traditional birthday candles (and having the guest of honor blow on the cake), just top a cake with one (or more!) of our Birthday Cake Party Sparklers. Wish them happy birthday with a dazzling 45-second display of lights! These should NOT be blown out – the sparkler will burn out on its own. Don’t forget the Champagne Party Poppers – pull the string and launch a bundle of confetti and streamers!

Drive By Birthdays

If you’re honoring a friend or loved one with a drive-by party, dazzle them with our party sparklers!

Outdoor Gatherings

Stay 6-feet apart AND have fun together with an array of sparklers from BuySparklers.com!

Family Memories

Make an ordinary day into a fun family memory with a variety of party sparklers. From Neon Party Special Effect Sparklers to a Jumbo Octopus Sparkler that comes alive with multiple lights, our sparklers are an easy way to make any day special.

Bottle Sparklers

Celebrating a special anniversary at home? Our VIP Gold Champagne Bottle Service Sparklers will make the occasion extra special!

Did your event get postponed? Our products have a long shelf life when stored in a cool, dry place. If you ordered sparklers for an event that got rescheduled, with a little care, they’ll be ready whenever you are!

Whatever occasion you’re celebrating, add some magic with BuySparklers.com. Check out our offerings here or contact us for suggestions!

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