Be “Neighborly” (AND Safe)…With A #FrontYardCookout!

Be “Neighborly” (AND Safe)…With A #FrontYardCookout!

Be “Neighborly” (AND Safe)…With A #FrontYardCookout!   Despite whatever ELSE may be happening around us, some things never change – like the not-surprising fact that the month of May is National Barbeque Month. And, quarantine or not, backyard cookouts continue, as spring begins to creep into northern regions, and those in more southern climes can genuinely enjoy that brief time before the “Hell-on-Earth” temperatures of summer set in.

However, one of the KEY features of these outdoor gatherings IS missing… the camaraderie of friends, extended family members and neighbors!

And we all feel this loss more intensely, as the annual Memorial Day Weekend approaches. Sharing laughs… taking in the tantalizing smells coming from the grill… playing a few games… maybe pulling out blankets and lawn chairs to enjoy some fireworks together after sunset… these components will be notable in their absence this year.

Yet, it may be just a tad ironic that we feel “deprived” because our traditional plans for this kick-off to summer have been truncated… considering the ultimate sacrifice this weekend is actually SUPPOSED to be about! And, when you add in those who may be enduring true hardships or even suffering daily from food insecurity, it can quickly put our own woes into perspective. WAIT… things do get a lot more positive from here!!!

summer sparklers

Realizing the unique situation many of us face right now, a number of corporate entities have pivoted to make things more “palatable.” And, among those is, Oscar Mayer – yep, the hot dog folks! (Note: We do NOT routinely “endorse” corporations… unless, of course, Vera Wang or Dom Perignon wants to throw something our way. However, we DO actively support our communities and those who “give back.”)


Understanding the “new normal” of the backyard cookout ritual, they have partnered with Feeding America, to not only offer a unique barbecue option, but to also be a part of the hunger solution! Their contribution: the #FrontYardCookout! For EVERY time this hashtag is used online and with photos on social media through May 31st, Oscar Mayer will donate the financial equivalent of ONE MEAL to benefit the network of food banks and charitable distribution outlets nationwide!

Who could have imagined, such a simple idea as just moving your backyard fun into your FRONT YARD would have such a major impact?!? You can still be “social” – at a SAFE distance – while sharing all the fun with your neighbors and friends. AND, by sharing YOUR fun online, you can make this time a little less difficult for others!

Obviously, you will want those social media photos to feature some extra Memorial Day “flair”… and NOTHING fills the bill better than premium SPARKLERS! Let’s face it, the amazing sacrifices we’re honoring on Memorial Day, calls for nothing less than Grade-A barbecue, All-American desserts and treats, and First-Class sparklers, guaranteed to perform.

So send out your “socially-distant” invites for your neighborhood #FrontYardCookout, and we can even DIRECTLY ship sparklers to your neighbors – or friends who will be joining you on your front lawn – to entice them to join this festive and charitable “safe” gathering!

And for those who are known for their “over-the-top” hosting, we can put together a package that promises to wow the whole cul de sac! Just give us a call or drop us an email, and we’ll create a personalized “star-studded” spectacle that will become part of neighborhood lore for years to come.

Mister Rogers may have best summed-up the positive takeaway from this year’s Memorial Day weekend: “Look for the helpers. You can always find people who are helping”… and, of course, he would heartily endorse being “neighborly.” And this month, you have the chance to have an impact on a global “neighborhood!”  Don’t forget to add the following tag #FrontYardCookout so Oscar Mayer will donate money to the food banks.




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