Christmas Party Favors

christmas with sparklers

Christmas Party Favors

People enjoy traditional Christmas parties. You can still be creative and add to tradition by enhancing the celebration with sparklers!

This fresh, novel idea can add an enchanted finish to your Christmas party. During the holiday season you may host a family dinner, Christmas party for friends, neighbors and co-workers. A very nice Christmas party favor can be a personalized box of poppers or sparklers!

Make your next holiday party sizzle by adding champagne poppers or sparklers to your party or dinner.  Celebrate with poppers that pop out confetti paper. Use the 72 multi-colored party poppers filled with confetti for your special day. They are perfect for any birthday celebration.


Sparklers for Christmas Parties

Kids love to write “Merry Christmas” in the air with sparklers. When you supervise this event, sparklers at a child’s party fascinate, enchant, and enhance your special day and night!

When using sparklers to celebrate,  you will want to be very safety conscious. For this reason,be sure to use a sparkler with a metal rod. Bamboo sparklers can ash off and catch clothes and hair on fire.  It is best to have a metal bucket filled with sand or water for proper disposal of used sparklers.  The rod will be very hot for several minutes, so cooling them off quickly will prevent burns and injuries. 

So go ahead . . . Make this a Christmas celebration to remember with our Christmas party favors sparkling light!

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