Celebrities Having Fun with Sparklers

kendall jennar with cake sparklers

Celebrities Having Fun with Sparklers

Searching the internet, I found some really cool photos of celebrities having fun with sparklers!  Even the top A-Listers enjoy the celebrating events with sparkle!


Here is Kendall Jenner eating a delectable dessert with Champagne Bottle Sparklers for the wow effect.

Kendall Jenner

and Sofia Richie and Scott Disick seem to be eating the same delicious dessert!


I LOVE this photo of Miley Cyrus using Champagne Bottle Sparklers on her cake.



This is a classic photo of Dennis Leary waving a sparkler!



And how cute is this photo of Erika Christensen with a #10 Inch Sparkler.


Love seeing celebrities celebrating and using sparklers in a fun way!

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