If Sharing Is Caring, Then Pack-Up Your “Care” & SHARE!

If Sharing Is Caring, Then Pack-Up Your “Care” & SHARE!

We have a little “thought” experiment… Make a mental note of every time you see, hear or write the word (or a variation of) “CARE” for just one day. It may surprise you! “Be careful”… “Take care”… “Handle with care”… “Of course I care”… heck, we even have a “Care” emoji on Facebook! It just creeps into our daily language considerably more than we might imagine.

In fact, we use it SO frequently and casually it might have even begun to lose its impact… think “awesome” or “literally!” So, let’s cut to the chase here; when we sincerely “care” we reflect it through our ACTIONS.

As the old saying goes, “Talk is cheap.” But, that DOESN’T mean showing how much you care has to come with a commensurate cost. It can be something as “cheap” as answering a late-night phone call from a friend, who just needed a sympathetic ear. It costs you nothing, but to that friend it’s truly priceless. Never discount the value of knowing someone will ALWAYS be there for you!Donde comprar viagra españa https://espanapharm.com/

When a parent tells their child to “Be careful!” as they’re walking out the door, that parent MEANS it… and will always “care” about the well-being of that child.

Of course, that becomes a little trickier when “your baby” is packing up for a move into a college dorm, or to a new city for a new career opportunity, or to voluntarily offer their service in protection of our country.

And it’s not just parents! Increasingly close-knit social circles have assumed a new “family” role. Although we actually DID meet all of their parents, those “Friends” undoubtedly formed the show’s collective nuclear family. In fact, all but the most hard-core fans of the show would be hard-pressed to name the actors who portrayed one or more parents, and when we actually met them. Hey, their “family” even has those “weird cousins” who made recurring appearances: Gunther, Janice, David, Carol and Susan, Frank Jr., Mr. Heckles and Mr. Treeger!


The WHOLE premise was built on the idea of “caring” – right down to the theme song line: “I’ll be there for you!” It’s just what we do for the people we care for in our life. And, that usually includes giving them tokens of that affection… especially when we know they may need a little reminder that someone cares and is thinking about them. That’s WHY they call them “Care Packages!”

We send them to college students, soldiers stationed at camps or bases, friends who have moved away, distant spouses, parents and grandparents. Just little packages of things we know will brighten their day – and we do “KNOW” because we know the recipients soooo well! After all, they can be counted among the lights of our life. So we should remind them of those fond and memorable times we shared together.

And what better way to ignite a smile and to warm a distant heart, than with a sparkling care package?!? You can either keep a supply on-hand to spontaneously include in your “I care” packages, OR our Personal Care Team can ship directly, with a special gift card with a personal message from you.

We all know, the sharing of our time, our interest, our talents, our affection, our concern, and our resources, is how we SHOW we genuinely “care.” So even if they’re not near, pack up all that “care” and share it with all you hold dear!

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