Can You Use Wedding Sparklers During the Day?

Using sparklers during the day

Can You Use Wedding Sparklers During the Day?

Can you use wedding Sparklers during the day?

Have you been wondering if you can use wedding sparklers during the day for your grand exit?  I think so! Just check out this bride and groom photo by Open Light Studio in Savannah, Georgia to see for yourself.



The photograph shows sparklers used during the day…and they look gorgeous!  You can still see the bright glow of the sparklers in even in the sunlight.  Guests will still be thrilled to participate in your grand wedding exit.  There is no need to pass on the excitement of sparklers just because you will be leaving your reception during the day.  One big advantage of having a day wedding is that more guests will be around at the end to bid the bride and groom farewell.

I love how the bride and groom are simply beaming in this picture – they look so happy – and how sparklers are lit up in the background. Truly a special moment captured by wedding photographers Nate and Laura Henderson. The bride and groom chose our long #36 Gold Sparklers which allowed for plenty of time to take great photographs (up to 4 minutes!).  It is important to let your photographer know that you will be using sparklers at your wedding exit.  He / she may need to bring a special lens to capture these breathtaking moments.

You, too, can purchase #36 Gold Sparklers at www.BuySparklers.com.   We ship to all destinations in the continental United States via Fed Ex Ground Service.   Sparklers can not have expedited shipping since they are flammable and can’t be shipped by plane.   We can usually reach anywhere in the continental US within 5 business days.  If you need sparklers in a rush, contact Nicole at 888-990-8939 and she will get a shipping estimate for you.

Check out more beautiful photographs by Open Light Studio on their blog at:

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