Your Birthday is a Day to Celebrate YOU!

Your Birthday is a Day to Celebrate YOU!

Your Birthday is a Day to Celebrate YOU!  If you’ve read or followed even a smattering of our blog posts, by now you MAY have noticed something quite conspicuous in its absence. Hmmm… we’ve discussed weddings – a LOT – and celebrating new beginnings… “happy endings”… ‘tweens and teensmajor milestones… and even the joy of “randomness!” So, have you figured out what’s missing, yet?!?


“Plain, old, ordinary” BIRTHDAYS! Yes, we have talked about those “landmark” birthdays. But, what about those “other” birthdays?!? Just because you’re not hitting a major cultural milestone, it doesn’t mean YOUR special day deserves any less fanfare.


Think about it, virtually everyone else in your life “shares” those noteworthy days – Christmas, Hanukkah, anniversaries, proms, weddings, nuptial and baby showers, graduations, and even your hobbies and social activities. BUT… YOUR birthday is a day just to celebrate YOU!

Now, for those who happen to share their birthday with a sibling – such as a twin or even triplet – remember something. While you may share a birthdate, this does not mean you share the same life STORY! We each have our own paths, with our own unique experiences. And you’ve EARNED a five-star, no-holds-barred, pull-out-all-the-stops day to HONOR that life!

Honestly, we DO know that not everyone has an over-the-top celebration every year. But, shouldn’t we?!? And when we say this, we’re NOT necessarily talking about a lavish, expensive affair. Although, those ARE nice periodically!

Whether it’s a rip-roarin’ event, OR a quiet, intimate day at home with a loved one (and, yes, your pet DOES count), the day you entered this life marked a distinctive moment in time… and should be marked as such! Of course, as the purveyors of sparkling party enhancements, we DO appreciate celebrations of every type and size. And, some of the MOST creative and special birthday celebrations we’ve witnessed were actually those personal “little” observations.

That said, you can EASILY add some razzle-dazzle to even the most intimate birthday! A simple cupcake or cookie suddenly gains some extra pizzazz when adorned with a sparkler. And, we even offer party poppers to liven-up even the most low-key birthday. Of course, NO birthday cake would be complete without sparklers specifically designed to “light-up” your culinary masterpiece!


And for those more “grown-up” celebrations, no bottle of bubbly (or any other adult libation) sparkles quite like one presented with all the flare of bottle service sparklers. Who knows, that may actually be more memorable than the contents of the bottles! If you’re unsure how to put together all of these celebratory components, just reach out to us, and we can offer assistance on how to put together a birthday GUARANTEED to impress a birthday boy or girl of ANY age!

But, regardless of HOW your special day is celebrated, be it a legendary gathering, a “socially-distanced” (yes, we CAN ship directly to the honoree) observation, or a deeply personal, quiet day, remember that YOUR day is like no other and DESERVES to be epic!


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