Bribery WORKS…And They’ll Love THESE “Bribes!”

Bribery WORKS…And They’ll Love THESE “Bribes!”

Bribery WORKS…And They’ll Love THESE “Bribes!” –  The recent holiday weekend has made us recall past summers with a bit of nostalgia… remembering those annual milestones that seemed to mark every vacation season. And, with each passing year, different memories tend to stand-out, based on our ever-changing perspectives.

What represented our fondest memories as a child, evolve through our teen years, early adulthood, the beginning of parenthood, empty-nesting and retirement. However, did you realize that ONE thing frequently marks each summer… throughout every one of these “life stages”? A summer “goal” or project!

As a kid, it might have been to master a skill or accomplish some feat. Teens and young adults may have financial, travel or career goals they set for themselves. AND… as parents, it usually involves getting our KIDS to learn or do something!

Whether it’s an educational, responsibility or life-skills goal, this monumental undertaking almost ALWAYS involves some sort of “reward” system. So, let’s be honest – it’s a BRIBE!

Among the FIRST things a parent learns – and does NOT feel guilty about – is, BRIBERY WORKS!

Hang onto to that righteous indignation… and think about it. Whether it’s stars on a chart, a chance to dip their little hand into the “reward box” or a treat from the candy or cookie jar, bottom line, it’s a non-corrupt, motivational, well-intentioned, bribe!

Obviously, depending upon the age of your kiddo, the nature of those “incentives” change, as well. And, this isn’t just for children, either!


Don’t YOU work harder or focus more attention on a project, skill or career challenge, when a “reward” or recognition is attached to that goal?!?

And while a special treat definitely goes a LOOOONG way toward reinforcing a positive habit or accomplishment, imagine how motivated someone of ANY age might be to know their “reward” has a LOT MORE “sparkle” than a sticker on a chart or a certificate of merit! It doesn’t have to be every time your toddler asks to go potty or your teen actually does one of their assigned chores. But, you can easily set up a system where “X” number of stars or checkmarks, earns them a SPARKLING reward!

And, with the EXTENSIVE sparkler selection we have available – in a variety of colors, styles and shapes, you can BET they’ll love THESE rewards a heck of a lot more. And, chances are these “bribes” will cost you a LOT less than many other options. Trust us, their friends will be green with envy!

Just imagine the summer memories these will create for MANY years to come, so we invite you to  contact us to assist you in selecting the PERFECT “bribes” for any age… because we’re parents, too!

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