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FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS! BuySparklers.com is a lifesaver! I forgot to order sparklers for my send-off and they were able to get my sparklers to me quickly. The staff made sure they shipped the sparklers out the same day to ensure they would arrive by my wedding date. The sparklers were a huge hit and were beautiful! I am so thrilled with how the sparklers made my day extra special! Highly recommend them to all brides!


Think “Outside-The-Booth” For YOUR Photo Booth!

Think "Outside-The-Booth" For YOUR Photo Booth!  Somewhere along the line, we all became familiar with and adopted some form of “corporate-speak” – whether it’s “synergy” or “bandwidth,” from “ROI” to “KPI” it’s enough to drive even the most dedicated just a little bit batty! However, one of our favorites (HONESTLY! We admit it!) is to “think outside-the-box.” It actually describes how some of us have thought and operated our entire lives… and somebody gave it a name and definition! And,...

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EVERY Family Is Different…So CELEBRATE That Difference!

EVERY Family Is Different…So CELEBRATE That Difference!   By now, it should come as no surprise that we’re huge connoisseurs of all things pop culture... SO much so, we even did a post on famous movie and television locations you can actually visit and even stage your event. And, we may do even more!   So as we dip into our well of cultural touchstones, we visit our favorite six “Friends” for an interesting perspective on families, even the most die-hard fans...

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Truth? We DO Judge A Gift By Its Wrapping!

Truth? We DO Judge A Gift By Its Wrapping!   As children, many of us had the idea that you “shouldn’t judge a book by its cover” drilled into our little heads. And while some of us took the literal concept to heart, others saw the bigger principle behind it. Yet, regardless of HOW “aware” or “sensitive” we might be, every person DOES have their own subconscious biases and preferences about certain things.   And we’re not necessarily talking about the “big”...

Your Birthday is a Day to Celebrate YOU!

Your Birthday is a Day to Celebrate YOU!  If you’ve read or followed even a smattering of our blog posts, by now you MAY have noticed something quite conspicuous in its absence. Hmmm… we’ve discussed weddings – a LOT – and celebrating new beginnings… “happy endings”… ‘tweens and teens… major milestones… and even the joy of “randomness!” So, have you figured out what’s missing, yet?!?   “Plain, old, ordinary” BIRTHDAYS! Yes, we have talked about those “landmark” birthdays. But, what about...

Dreams Of Fairy Tales & Fantasies CAN Come True!

Dreams Of Fairy Tales & Fantasies CAN Come True!  At some point, EVERYONE indulges in a few fantasies… and for many, this dates back to their childhood, when they possibly dreamed of being the star of their own fairy tale or stepping into their favorite movie or television show. And while most put those early whimsical musings – grudgingly accepting the realities of adulthood – some continued to harbor those magical fantasies. And for THOSE dreamers, we have some good...

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Put Some “Sizzle” Back Into Science!

Put Some “Sizzle” Back Into Science!  After all of the “sparkling” hustle-and-bustle of the Fourth of July, we had the chance to take a deep breath and relax, which caused our minds to wander a bit. And, as we READILY confessed in a post last week to being “word nerds.” BUT… our “nerdiness” does NOT stop there!   As we demonstrated in a few months ago, we find ourselves captivated by history – especially when we started exploring the millennia-long origins and...

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Let’s Do A “Deep-Dive” On “SURPRISE!”

Let’s Do A “Deep-Dive” On “SURPRISE!”  - It’s been awhile since we’ve indulged our inner “word nerd”… after all, if we don’t let her out OCCASIONALLY, she gets cranky! So today, we explored a word we all use quite frequently – but, that has gotten an increasingly “dubious” reputation, as we become older and maybe a bit more jaded. That word? “SURPRISE!” Remember when you were a kid, and the VERY BEST thing that could happen in your day, was...

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Bribery WORKS…And They’ll Love THESE “Bribes!”

Bribery WORKS…And They’ll Love THESE “Bribes!” -  The recent holiday weekend has made us recall past summers with a bit of nostalgia… remembering those annual milestones that seemed to mark every vacation season. And, with each passing year, different memories tend to stand-out, based on our ever-changing perspectives. What represented our fondest memories as a child, evolve through our teen years, early adulthood, the beginning of parenthood, empty-nesting and retirement. However, did you realize that ONE thing frequently marks each summer… throughout...

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Dentists: Give Those Smiles Even MORE “Sparkle!”

Dentists: Give Those Sparkling Smiles Even MORE “Sparkle!”  Today, we have a question for you: In any normal 24-hour day, how much time do you spend thinking about the idea of “happiness?” Take away those eight or so hours for work, and if you’re lucky, another eight for sleep. So, in those remaining eight hours a day, does the concept of happiness even cross your mind?!?   Maybe when you’re enjoying a particularly tender moment with your kids, or recalling a special...

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