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FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS! BuySparklers.com is a lifesaver! I forgot to order sparklers for my send-off and they were able to get my sparklers to me quickly. The staff made sure they shipped the sparklers out the same day to ensure they would arrive by my wedding date. The sparklers were a huge hit and were beautiful! I am so thrilled with how the sparklers made my day extra special! Highly recommend them to all brides!


Rain of sparks from a sparkler

Different Types of Sparklers

Use sparklers to celebrate any occasion and add a special flare to even the simplest of events. Bring the magic of the 4 th to any party, such as, weddings, graduations, and birthdays.  There are several different types of sparklers on the market.... be sure to choose the right sparkler for your event. A sparkler burns with a beautifully vibrant shower of sparks over a long period of time . . . up to a minute! It never explodes, like...

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Red and blue party poppers

Party Poppers

Party Poppers, also known as champagne poppers, are so versatile they can be used at any indoor or outdoor event. Poppers are known for producing a popping sound when their cord is pulled. At the same time, they also release a beautiful array of colorful confetti paper or streamers that fly up into the air and then float back down. Poppers can be used at birthday parties, anniversaries, New Year's Eve, and graduation parties. They can also be used at...

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Sparkler wedding exit

Novelty Fireworks

Sparklers, Champagne Party Poppers, Pop Pop Snappers are Novelty Fireworks Novelty fireworks are smaller than many other fireworks. Fireworks are generally classified as to where they perform, either as a ground or aerial firework.  Most novelty fireworks perform on the ground, are held in the hand and are not shot up in the air.  Examples of novelty fireworks include sparklers, poppers, smoke balls, smoke crackers, snakes, snappers and other small pyrotechnic devices. These fireworks are all fun and safe to...

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Popping bottles and lighting sparklers

New Year’s Eve

New Year's Party Favors - Favors for New Year's Eve Light Up the New Year with Sparklers!   New Year's Eve is celebrated everywhere around the world. No matter where you live or what language you speak, there is a universal celebration going on every December 31st as the clock turns to midnight in every time zone.  New Year's Eve parties bring together the hopes, dreams and good wishes of all people for the coming year.  Just look at the packed streets...

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Grad blowing confetti

Graduation Party Favors

Graduations not only celebrate someone's most recent accomplishment, but they also mark the beginning of the next step.  Graduations are also called commencement ceremonies because the honoree is not only graduating from one experience, but moving on to the start of something new. Many of us have attended commencement ceremonies for students graduating from high school and college.  It is especially fun to attend preschool, kindergarten or elementary school graduations.  What a fabulous way for young children to receive praise...

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halloween jack o lanturn

Halloween Party Favors

Make a flare at your next Halloween party by adding sparklers as your Halloween party favors. Party Poppers for Halloween Parties Celebrate with champagne party poppers that pop out confetti paper. Use the 72 multi-colored party poppers filled with confetti for your special day. They are perfect for any Halloween celebration. Sparklers for Halloween Parties Send your guests home with a spooky favor from your Halloween party! Sparklers make fun party favors for all ages. Have a costume contest and give your winners...

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christmas with sparklers

Christmas Party Favors

People enjoy traditional Christmas parties. You can still be creative and add to tradition by enhancing the celebration with sparklers! This fresh, novel idea can add an enchanted finish to your Christmas party. During the holiday season you may host a family dinner, Christmas party for friends, neighbors and co-workers. A very nice Christmas party favor can be a personalized box of poppers or sparklers! Make your next holiday party sizzle by adding champagne poppers or sparklers to your party...

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Girls partying at a spark with sparklers

Birthday Party Favors

Make your next birthday party sizzle by adding birthday party favors to your party or dinner. Party Poppers for Birthday Parties   Celebrate with poppers that pop out confetti paper. Use the 72 multi-colored party poppers filled with confetti for your special day. They are perfect for any birthday celebration. Sparklers for Birthday Parties Kids love to write "Happy Birthday" in the air with sparklers. When you supervise this event, sparklers at a child's party fascinate, enchant, and enhance your special day and night!...

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A kiss will light their way

Anniversary Party Favors

An anniversary is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate.  What better way to recognize the significance of a marriage anniversary, the anniversary of your first date or your dedicated years of service to a company with a anniversary party?  We suggest sparklers or champagne poppers for anniversary party favors as a special way to make that celebration even more fun and memorable.   Surprise anniversary parties are a distinctive way to celebrate.  Our sparklers and champagne party poppers are great for...

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