What are the Best Sparklers to Use for Weddings?

Wedding Heart sparklers

What are the Best Sparklers to Use for Weddings?

What are the Best Sparklers to Use for Weddings?

Can every sparkler available be used for weddings? In our own journey, consequent to witnessing a number of wedding events, we have noticed that many newly weds simply make do with what is available. On the other hand, experience has taught us that there are in fact specialty kinds that are great for weddings – meaning not all are suitable for weddings. 


Regular vs. Exceptional Sparklers

What you should know is that regular or traditional sparklers are made with wood or bamboo parts. What you will also notice with these traditional ones have excess smokes, sulfuric smell, debris and ashes. These are unhealthy and could lead to suffocation, irritation of guests, and other inconveniences. When it comes to lighting up your wedding day, don’t settle for less.


Ideally, sparklers that are great for weddings hardly emit smoke. Not all wedding sparkler outlets guarantee this.


amber turner

Specifically designed for weddings, there are 36 inch, 20 inch, heart shaped, and standard party poppers.


Considering Safety

We frequently advise our clients to put safety first when planning their wedding. Hence, we usually offer products that have been tested to have strong wire mesh and can be held for about four minutes without any cause for alarm like excess smoke and ashes. BuySparklers.com offers you exactly that which gives the best return for a desired great wedding.


36” Wedding Sparklers

Where any wedding exit idea is considered, 36” wedding sparklers can carry the couple through the walk from the reception without a very urgent need to rush through. With these, your guests can wield the sparkler for up to four minutes, offering plenty of time to live in the moment. Your photographer is not pressured to take pictures as fast as they can – making picture quality suffer.


20” Wedding Sparklers

Also recommended is the second best 20 inch wedding sparklers. Like the above, there is no risk involved; you simply get the best memory that will last forever captured by a creative photographer.  


Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers

Heart shaped wedding sparklers add a little extra touch to the moment. These are more ideal for personal photos rather than the traditional kind for a wedding send off, but having them as a part of your wedding experience will undoubtedly make for some beautiful memories.


Sparkler wedding center piece

Aside from choosing your favorite kind of sparklers for your special day, we recommend having extra on hand for extra guests, an extra long send off, and other unseen events.


Congratulations, and we look forward to lighting up your night.

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