Are YOU The Next Spielberg, Coppola Or Marshall? MAYBE!

Are YOU The Next Spielberg, Coppola Or Marshall? MAYBE!

Are YOU The Next Spielberg, Coppola Or Marshall? MAYBE!   We all harbor one universal desire – to leave our mark on the world, or at least our little corner of it! Some see their children as their legacy. Others channel this yearning into their work. Those with creative talents may choose to create a lasting masterpiece. But, in some form or fashion, we all seek that little piece of immortality!


And thanks to the advent of the internet, more and more people are finding outlets to craft this lasting legacy. In fact, the top item on the YOLO “Bucket List” for many, is to send something out into the blue ether and have it go “viral!”


Especially for those quarantined or still in insolation, these online outlets have proven to be a godsend. As we add more electronic “tools” to our collective tool boxes, we’re exploring an ever-expanding universe of possibilities.


If you think about it, in many ways our current “trial-and-error” discovery process mimics the development of filmmaking. Consider how far we came in just under 50 years… from navigating the technical aspects of the first “talkies” to the CGI magic created by director George Lucas, who magically transported us to “a galaxy far, far away!”

And now, we have entire feature films being shot exclusively on smartphones – talk about an evolution! So, as interesting as this existential exploration might be, long about now you’ve GOT to be wondering, “What on earth this may have to do with sparklers?” EXCELLENT QUESTION!


Normally we discuss different ways premium sparklers can enhance your event, celebrate a major milestone, or provide a memorable gift. They offer instant gratification. They add some flair to any occasion. And, they’re visually captivating, and honestly, sparklers are just downright pretty!


However, unless you take photos or videos, once they’ve added their “sparkle” to any moment, they’re gone. UNLESS…


THIS is where all of that technology and movie-making talk leads us: to YOU! What if you made a video for your friends, family – and “followers”—so they (and you) can enjoy the visual “razzle dazzle” over and over, again?!?


Yep, you can create AND CAPTURE your own pyrotechnic spectacle to share! Virtually everyone has a smartphone, and if you’ve developed some skills with that camera drone you got for a gift, when coupled with free online tools, then you’ve got everything you need to become the next Spielberg or Marshall! So, whether for an upcoming special moment, or just to flex your creative muscles, you can make a LASTING gift for your little corner of the world… and if it actually goes viral, then your impact will be a LOT wider than just your “little corner.” Sounds like a pretty impressive legacy to us!

Why settle for a few minutes of joy (although our sparklers come with GUARANTEED burn times) when you can create an IMMORTAL visual memory… by creating a personalized, customized video tribute for loved ones, coworkers, friends or even your business?!? Because, we all know, once it’s on the internet, something stays there FOREVER! So, if you aspire to be the next great movie auteur, just give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll help you create an incomparable visual masterpiece, tailored to YOUR specific vision.


With a little creativity, and some sparklers, your masterpiece will definitely have some “sizzle.” So move over, Coppola family… you’ve got some competition now!


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