ANY “Countdown” Is Exciting…So Let’s Usher In The “Advent” Of OTHER “Countdowns!”

ANY “Countdown” Is Exciting…So Let’s Usher In The “Advent” Of OTHER “Countdowns!”

We don’t mean to alarm you, but we saw a popular meme recently, floating around on social media, that REALLY put things into perspective. Apparently, we have just three months until the Christmas holiday season will probably be in full swing! The countdown is on!  YIKES!

To ramp-up the shock factor, the first day of autumn is barely a month away… not to mention, Halloween is just over two months, Thanksgiving is only three months and Hanukkah begins just four months from THIS WEEK! And while you MAY have just been kicked into “panic mode,” let’s look at this from a different point of view… through the eyes of ANTICIPATION.

Carly Simon made a mint singing about the tantalization, excitement and thrill of Anticipation – and all it takes is one look into a child’s eager face to SEE the power it can wield. Some of us even have a “countdown” app on our smartphones, ticking down the weeks, days, hours and minutes to an anticipated event, occasion or vacation.

But, apps aside, kids seem to have mastered exactly HOW to do any “countdown” right! An entire industry – complete with social media pages, books, movies, TV specials and websites – has found quite a bit of profit with an EXCLUSIVE devotion to the Christmas and Hanukkah countdowns. That’s right, the original “Elf On The Shelf” and the more-recent Jewish counterpart, “Mensch On A Bench” have made “anticipation” a season unto itself! Added to the shock many of us feel at how quickly this year seems to be passing and the “unsettled” nature of many upcoming holiday plans, an idea occurred to us… why does this “countdown” have to be strictly limited to Christmas or Hanukkah?!?

And, this is NOT limited to kids. Every year, increasingly creative Advent Calendars appear on the retail (and craft-y) circuit. Whether chocolate, wine, or the HUGE assortment of “holiday treats” available – even for parents of “fur-babies” – there is no shortage of options to help us mark the days. However, as we look forward to this ONE time of year – with some throwing in birthdays – we should EXPAND this “anticipation” for other holidays. Maybe it’s time to welcome the “advent” of multiple yearly countdowns!

Especially in light of the possible “modification” of traditional observances for the foreseeable future, why NOT bring some of the pure excitement back to some of the upcoming holidays?!? You can put together “Countdown Calendars” for all sorts of observances scheduled for the next few months. Consider “Halloween” and “Thanksgiving” versions of the traditional Advent Calendar… and it doesn’t have to take hours of time, unbridled creativity, or a “monstrous” budget! For the DIY crowd, ideas abound on Pinterest and other “craft-y” sites. Who knows, simply browsing through these online creations, just MAY “spark” some ideas for you. Just modify the theme, colors, etc. and you’ll be good to go for ANY holiday countdown!

You can even put together a more “altruistic” seasonal countdown, designed for you (and your family) to delight someone else with a thoughtful gesture, charitable donation or little surprise. In recent years, many have chosen to do this in lieu of the standard Advent Calendar or Lenten sacrifices. Each day brings an unexpected “suggestion” to recapture the spirit and joy of EVERY holiday season!

Of course, with a diverse assortment of colors, styles and options, nothing “ignites” excitement and enthusiasm quite like premium sparklers! So, you can easily incorporate them either as daily “surprises” into your Countdown Calendar, OR to give a little extra “sparkle” to those who may be the recipients of any philanthropic acts you have planned. And, if your “creative well” is running a bit low, just reach out to us for all sorts of ways to add some sizzle to YOUR “countdowns!”

However, be warned… “anticipation” can be addictive! Who knows, you might enjoy these new seasonal traditions so much THIS year, they may become something you’ll want to do EVERY year. So why limit that “countdown excitement” to only a few weeks out of the year, when you can ALWAYS have something to “anticipate” via “countdowns” all year long!


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