Anniversary Party Favors

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Anniversary Party Favors

An anniversary is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate.  What better way to recognize the significance of a marriage anniversary, the anniversary of your first date or your dedicated years of service to a company with a anniversary party?  We suggest sparklers or champagne poppers for anniversary party favors as a special way to make that celebration even more fun and memorable.


Surprise anniversary parties are a distinctive way to celebrate.  Our sparklers and champagne party poppers are great for orchestrating a picture-perfect surprise.  If outside, hand out sparklers to your guests before the guest of honor arrives.  Set up a time or a signal to light the sparklers just before the guest of honor walks into the party.  Or, for both indoor and outdoor occasions, hand out champagne poppers to guests.  Just pull the string when the guest of honor walks into the room and confetti and streamers will fill the air!  Guests will love participating in the excitement.

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