Go To The “Head Of The Class” With Some Academic Motivation

Go To The “Head Of The Class” With Some Academic Motivation

Go To The “Head Of The Class” With Some Academic Motivation!”  These days, many feel “school DAZED” – between homeschooling, cancelled performances and events, truncated academic awards, and teachers scrambling to continue kids’ education! Add to this the lack of peer interaction or mentor validation, and for students and teachers, alike, this school year has represented the ultimate “anti-climactic climax.”


Without those “gold stars” and Honor Roll ribbons or recognition, it can be especially hard to find that academic motivation for the kiddos. Even those young “Type-A” students may be showing the signs of some flagging enthusiasm.   And this doesn’t even take into account the kids who excel in the arts or athletics! After countless hours of practice – some going all the way back to the beginning of the school year in August – they NOW find themselves “all dressed up with nowhere to go!”

All of this means, these noteworthy “moments” NEED to be heralded… now, more than EVER!  Without that classroom, faculty, peer and community recognition or any accompanying perks, your child may be feeling that whole Zen question: “If a tree falls in a forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” So, without even being able to articulate this sentiment, nonetheless these youngsters may be feeling… “If I do well, and no one is there is to see it, does it matter?”

Fortunately, thanks to technology, you have options to keep your little over-achiever motivated. Of course, adding some “razzle dazzle” with a few NEON SPARKLERS goes a looooong way to making any kid feel special! C’mon, what kid doesn’t love neon?!?

Arrange a class Zoom or Teams session (teachers will be a lifesaver in arranging this), to celebrate the latest Honor Roll or classroom award. You can even have neon sparklers shipped DIRECTLY to their classmates, so everyone can share in the festivities together online!

And let’s not forget those burgeoning performers. With spring recitals, end-of-year concerts, class plays, dance performances possibly cancelled – or seriously abridged – months and months of preparation may now seem pointless to these young artists. Again, you can invite friends and family to an online performance, complete with originally-planned wardrobe or costume, an actual “curtain time,” the proper setting or backdrop, AND the thrill of live applause! You can even record the whole event and post via your selected (or private) YouTube channel.

Obviously, EVERY performance should be followed by a curtain call (or two!) and, traditionally, a bouquet of flowers. However, MOST kids would probably get greater enjoyment from a Sparkler Bouquet than a bunch of flowers. All you have to do? Give us a call or drop us an email, and we’ll create a personalized “star-studded” spectacle for every kid with “a future so bright, they’ll have to wear shades!”


After all, “Five-Star” achievement deserves an “All-Star” tribute… and this especially includes TEACHERS and school administrators! So, when handing out these “bedazzled kudos,” don’t forget to “share the sparkle” with these unsung heroes, too. Thanks to a wealth of innovations, and door-to-door deliveries, you can go to the “head of the class” by making sure THIS school year will contain positive memories and academic motivation for the kids in your life!

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