Why Choose BuySparklers.com

Why Choose BuySparklers.com

Highly recommend BuySparklers!! We ordered sparklers from another company and they were broken and bent. My mother made a last minute effort to get some better quality sparklers for our wedding. We were very impressed at the difference from Buy Sparklers!! Nicole was so helpful and got our shipment out the same day for or wedding!! Thank you!!


Your can trust your big day or special event will be great with buysparklers.com

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At BuySparklers.com, we know you’re counting on your sparklers to create a dazzling display for amazing memories and photos. That’s why we offer the highest-quality sparklers available in the U.S., including sparklers designed just for weddings. Many wedding planners, photographers and event venues and wedding planners use BuySparklers.com exclusively and won’t allow sparklers from other companies.

The difference is quality. All sparklers are not created equal! Poor quality sparklers can emit excessive smoke, create messy ash, be dangerous and difficult to light, and simply fail to perform well when you are counting on creating a magical moment. You might find less expensive products, but sparklers are not the place to cut corners in your event budget.

Here’s why BuySparklers.com is the right choice for your wedding or other celebration:

  • We hand select our sparklers, including those specifically made for weddings. They are the highest quality sparkler available in the U.S.
  • Our burn times are accurate and burn the amount of time we state. Many other companies claim their #36 Inch Sparklers burn for 4 minutes, but in reality it is about 3 minutes and 15 seconds. Our #20 Inch Wedding Sparklers burn for 2 minutes, not the 1.5 minutes like other cheaper sparklers. We test every shipment. If the burn times aren’t accurate, we send them back.
  • Our sparklers are double-dipped for added brightness and length of burn time.
  • All sparklers from BuySparklers.com are made with metal rods – never wood or bamboo. The metal rod reduces smoke when burning. There is no such thing as a smokeless sparkler, but ours are as close as you can get to smokeless.
  • Our metal rod is also thicker to prevent drooping, which is especially important when forming exit tunnels at weddings. A bending sparkler rod can also be dangerous if guests are too close to each other. The rod can bend and be a hazard to everyone around them.
  • Our staff inspects every order of sparklers to ensure they are in perfect condition before they leave our warehouse.
  • Our wedding sparklers come in packaging appropriate for weddings.
  • Each order is carefully packed and cushioned with extra packing materials to protect the sparklers during the shipping process so your sparklers arrive in perfect condition.
  • Our quality is truly the best in the USA.  Why risk a sparkler that won’t light, fills the room with smoke and ash or droops?  BuySparklers.com wants EVERY celebration to have the highest quality sparklers. This is why so many wedding professionals recommend BuySparklers.com to their brides – they know our commitment to bringing you the absolute best products available!
  • Our goal is to make our sparklers one of the best and easiest parts of your event. Our exceptional customer service team is here to help you as work hard to plan your wedding or event. We’re available by phone or email to answer any questions you may have.
  • With our Rapid Ship Promise, most orders are prepared and shipped the same day or the next business day. Because they contain flammable materials, sparklers can only be shipped by ground transport. BuySparklers.com ships your order via FedEx Ground, which delivers anywhere in the contiguous U.S. within 2-5 days.