Frequently Asked Questions

First and only company to answer the phone!! Nicole is so sweet!! She was a great help in selecting the right sparklers for our wedding. We used the 36″ and loved the results!!


Here are a few questions that have come up from some of our clients.

No, unfortunately not. Your order can only be shipped by ground service (FedEx is our carrier). Due to the flammable materials in our products, they cannot be transported by air. Therefore, we are not able to make any rush deliveries, including next-day or any air services. Please see our SHIPPING INFO page for more information about our shipping services and delivery times.

Our poppers are not spring loaded or compressed; they contain a tiny amount of powder to create the “pop” when you pull the string, releasing flame-resistant paper streamers and confetti. The amount is so small that the federal government classifies these products as novelties instead of fireworks, pyrotechnics or explosives. Like all BuySparklers.com products, they are only available via ground shipping.

While our sparklers are designed for easy, reliable lighting, a regular match or lighter will NOT be enough to safely light the sparklers. We recommend using a lighter with an extended wand (such as a grill lighter). Matches will not burn hot or long enough to light your sparklers. With orders of 36-Inch and 20-Inch Wedding Sparklers, we provide a small box of 10-Inch sparklers to expedite lighting multiple sparklers in a larger crowd. Simply light the 10-Inch sparklers, then dip unlit sparklers into lit sparklers for a faster lighting process. Once lit, hold sparklers an arm’s length away from your body, clothing and other people.

The best way to light sparklers for a grand wedding exit is to have several helpers ready with extended wand lighter (such as a grill lighter). Provide some helpers with 10” sparklers as to help light other guests’ 20” or 36” sparklers. Place helpers at the front of the line, the back of the line and at the center of the line. Once a few sparklers are lit, have guests dip their unlit sparkler into the lit sparkler. This way, the lighting process goes extremely fast!

The sparkler wire will be hot for quite some time after it has burned out. To prevent injuries, we suggest having a bucket with sand or water nearby to put the burned sparklers in. Your wedding venue will thank you for not finding sparkler wires throughout the property.

Light the flat, white top of the tube with extended wand lighter (such as a grill lighter). Be sure to point away from face and body. Once lit, our sparklers create a spectacular spray of lights shooting 6 – 8 inches in the air, with the effect lasting 45 seconds.

View our VIP Champagne Bottle Sparkler. 

Local and state laws vary, so be sure to check your regulations in your area. Check with your local fire marshal’s office for laws regarding sparkler use where your event will take place.  In addition, check with your event venue to make sure sparklers are permitted.

When used carefully, bottle and cake openers are generally safe to use indoors. Be sure to firmly place the sparkler in an upright position in the bottle or the cake. Do not hold these in your hand and never point it toward faces or bodies. Once lit, these sparklers create a spray of lights that shoot 6 to 8 inches in the air. As with any sparkler, these are for use only under close adult supervision and are used at your own risk.

This depends on the size of your crowd, because it will take a little time to light everyone’s sparkler for a special moment such as an exit line or a photo opp. Longer lengths of 20 inches (2 minute burn time) are best for crowds under 150; for bigger crowds, use the 36-inch sparklers (4 minute burn time). 10-inch sparklers don’t burn as long and are best for small groups, though they can be helpful in bigger crowds as starters to help light longer sparklers.

Keep in mind that sparklers can only be shipped by ground transport, which usually takes up to 5 days; no overnight or expedited shipping is available. Our sparklers last a long time when kept in a cool, dry place, so ordering early is always advisable!