A SURE Cure For The “Graduation Grumps”

A SURE Cure For The “Graduation Grumps”

A SURE Cure For The “Graduation Grumps”. 

We all have those milestones in our lives that we vividly remember for years, if not for your entire lifetime. Even though years – or decades – may have passed since those days, they remain as fresh in our minds as if they happened yesterday!  And, usually, one of those first benchmarks occurs when we’re still kids… like graduations. Whether it’s that moment you became a “big kid” by marking the completion of your Kindergarten years, or even when you finally finished your doctoral program, these landmarks represent MAJOR turning points in your life.

So, what happens when you’re denied the ability to celebrate these moments?!? Ahhhhh… enter the “Graduation Grumps!” And, honestly, who could blame this latest crop of impending 2020 graduates for being somewhat “disgruntled” over the recent turn of events.  No matter the age – be they six or sixty years old – the majority rightfully feel cheated out of this opportunity to showcase their hard work and academic accomplishments!

And, it’s not just about the chance to walk across a stage; a litany of graduation traditions has also taken a hit, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic! Think of those students diligently applying themselves for years to earn the honor of giving their valedictory or salutatory speech at the commencement exercises. This is a moment which can NEVER be recaptured.  Not only are the graduates disappointed at missing that academic closure, but imagine the frustration of family and friends, who have supported and followed the scholar throughout their educational career! So, where does that leave all of those “Grumpy Grads” and their loved ones?!?



Fortunately, this is where the old saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention” has come into play. Creative thinkers have shared a wealth of ideas to help supplant the possible cancellation of planned upcoming graduation festivities.   From drive-in theater graduations, to caravans through town… all keeping grads and their families safely ensconced safely in their cars, the inventive solutions continue to spring forth. So even if those graduation plans must change, it doesn’t mean the evolution can’t be equally spectacular or memorable!

Of course, we couldn’t go without mentioning the many options we have at BuySparklers.com to make even the most small and intimate celebrations still noteworthy in this landmark event in the life of your graduates – regardless of their ages!   Whether you’re planning a quiet family dinner, “backyard graduation,” or even taking a cue from one of those ingenious “alternate” suggestions floating around on social media, adding a little extra “sparkle” can go a LOOOONG way to make your graduate’s day. And, if you’re stumped for ideas on how to incorporate these “dazzling” features into your festivities, we’re just a safe “social distance” away via email to help you figure out how to put the “spark” back into this special day!

So while Graduation 2020 may NOT look like anyone had planned, and we’re in the midst of all the #StaySafe measures, it doesn’t mean you have to let this milestone pass without some fanfare… and possibly provide a sure-fire cure for all those “Graduation Grumps!”

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