8 Brilliant Labor Day Party Ideas on a Budget| Buy Sparklers

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8 Brilliant Labor Day Party Ideas on a Budget| Buy Sparklers

Labor Day is the perfect opportunity to host an unforgettable get-together. Make your Labor Day party festive and fun without breaking the bank with these brilliant but cheap party ideas–invites, food, decor, and many more!  Aren’t you missing summer already? It hasn’t ended yet but we’re getting there–fast!  We celebrate Labor Day not only as an official welcome to the fall season, but as a tribute to American workers. It’s been a fun summer for all of us here at Buy Sparklers so, as a way of saying “Thank You”, we’re giving you some of the best ideas to help you host your own Labor Day party on the cheap!


#1. Throw a Labor Day Party using your own space

There’s no need to rent a huge space or a beach house for Labor Day. Use what you have by hosting a party in your backyard, apartment balcony, or garden patio–whichever works for you. Just make sure that you have enough space for all of your guests. Outdoor setting works best so you can all enjoy the summer breeze before fall starts.


#2. Find a theme you can work with and stick with it

A party isn’t going to look like a party without decorations here and there, but don’t get carried away or you might end up spending more than you what you need. Since its Labor Day, the most sensible theme would be something with a patriotic-slash-festive vibe. But you can also go for themes with a floral and summery feel.

Whatever theme you choose, stick with what you have most. If you’re using your house’s garden patio as the venue, you’ll most likely have flowers spread across the place. A summer-themed Labor Day party would be a better choice than s cause you to overhaul the entire patio. Adding string lights and banners can also liven up the place.


#3. Print your own or send invitations online

There are tons of free printable party invites available online, we especially like these themed Labor Day party invitations from Punchbowl, which you can print at home or send as online invitations. Want to save even more? If most of your friends and family are on Facebook, use it to create an event page so they can RSVP for the date. It’s also much easier to coordinate with everyone through Facebook.

Note: When sending out invites, make sure to mention your Labor Day party theme and dress code. You really can’t wear a cowboy outfit to a Luau.


#4. Take it easy on the booze

Alcohol is a major staple for parties, but it’s also a huge waste of money. If you really think that your Labor Day party wouldn’t be the same without booze, stick with one or two signature drinks. Remember, a party turns out much better with a controlled amount of alcohol.

Don’t forget that you may have guests that don’t drink alcohol so keep sparkling water, juice punches, and soda handy.


#5. Food for the gods–but still on a budget

The idea is to work with a budget without starving guests. So stack up on 4 different appetizers, 3 main courses, 3 side dishes, and 3 desserts, nothing fancy. You can even cook up your grandmother’s recipes plus grill burgers and sandwiches! Most guests also bring along some eats during holiday parties. Just be sure you let them know it’s okay.


#6. Skip the DJ or the expensive sound system

You don’t really need a DJ for your Labor Day party so don’t hire one. A more practical yet effective choice would be using your smartphone or laptop to play music. Spotify is a huge crowd pleaser! Turn up the volume by plugging a speaker into your device and you’re good to go!


#7. If you think these ideas aren’t festive enough

Get your lighters ready and end your Labor Day celebration with a bang! Just like the Fourth of July, Labor Day is the perfect holiday for lighting sparklers. Plus, sparklers are easy on the pocket! So easy that you can get 12 boxes (72 pieces) for only $19.95 here at Buy Sparklers! Not bad, eh?


#8. Don’t forget the bugs.

Not so much as a budget issue, but safe is . If you’re holding your Labor Day party outdoors–especially night time, have Citronella oil or lotion ready for those unexpected bug attacks. You can also light Citronella candles or torches from a Home Depot near you. They’re perfect for setting the mood, too!


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