6 Creative Ways to Use Sparklers

6 Creative Ways to Use Sparklers

Year in, year out, there will always be something to celebrate; engagement parties, weddings, promotions, birthdays, anniversaries, the list goes on and on. Celebrating is human nature, we always like to gather our friends and family and have them celebrate with us and those moments mean everything.

Mind blowing parties and celebrations are really about creativity, not necessarily how much money you spend. The thing is, you can spend a lot of money and your party may still lack the touch of gold it deserves. Creativity is key, even to resourcefulness.

Often times, people limit the use of sparklers to just Independent day celebrations and weddings. Well that’s about to end in a bit, as we show you creative ways to use sparklers.


#1 Weddings:

The highest number of sparklers are used in weddings every year. You see, sparklers never go out of style. They grace your wedding with a warmth that nothing else brings to the scene, it spreads a wide smile on the faces of your guest, as it sizzles its golden spark up in the air. And above all, it gives you the memory of a lifetime. Our 36″ wedding sparklers will give you that lasting thrill you want your wedding reception to have.


#2 Sparklers are Educational tools:

Strange? There’s no one way to teach your kids about something you want them to learn. However, it will be really cool to teach them in the best creative and exciting way possible. Kids don’t easily forget something they learn in a fun way. Using sparklers to teach kids have proven to be effective. Say you want to teach your kid to count numbers, you could use sparklers to write the numbers in the air, until it fizzles out. They will definitely be enthusiastic about learning.


#3 Photoshoot:

If you have been looking to take a mind blowing picture for a frame, or upload on social media for fun or for likes, you will definitely have a great win with sparklers. Sparklers make an amazing backdrop for pictures.


#4 Sparklers instead of cake candles:

Cake candles are cute, but sparklers are mind blowing. Let the euphoria of your birthday celebration fill the atmosphere and swell everyone’s heart with happiness and laughter. Plus, with sparklers, you have enough time to make as many wishes as you can. For safety, purchase cake sparklers, instead of the usual sparklers.


#5 Go full blown eerie for Halloween:

As you dress up to scare, or impress, you can add a final touch of eeriness to your costume. Sparklers fizzling its spark in the air can look like dragon sneeze in Halloween. Make this Halloween more sinister, with our golden Halloween sparklers.


#6 Surprise party:

Nothing brings tears of joy like surprises. No matter what the nature of the surprise party is, one of the ways to get it kicking big time, is to have sparklers shedding its beautiful sparks as soon as the person you are surprising walks in. This is so beautiful; you need to try it ASAP.


Our sparklers are safe, thrilling and affordable. Let’s help you create lasting, unforgettable and beautiful memories. Click here to shop now!

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