3 Ways to Make Your Wedding Sparkle

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3 Ways to Make Your Wedding Sparkle

From your first kiss to your engagement, sparks fly between a soon-to-be bride and groom. So how do you make your wedding sparkle the same way – literally? You can burn your budget into fireworks… or you can have more intimate – and more affordable – fun with wedding sparklers!

Pack of wedding sparklers

Wedding day sparklers can transform an already-festive wedding into an enchanted one. It adds a brilliant feature into every moment of your ceremony. That includes the service, reception and the exit. Whether to add excitement to your day or capture the moment for future reminiscing of it, here are three ways to create wedding magic you’ll never forget:

Use Sparklers for Picture-Perfect Moments

Sparkler ideas can be incorporated into multiple moments of your wedding. Guests can light wedding sparklers during the altar kiss or right before your first dance. You can also light them up following the main ceremony; have your photographer set up for long exposure shots beforehand. You can also incorporate the bridesmaids and groomsmen by having them hold sparklers in a circle around you.

Sparklers in bulk can be purchased to achieve stunning photos for one – or many – of your wedding moments. If you’re planning to use sparklers at any point, be sure to inform your photographer and guests in advance, and provide matches or lighters to avoid a delayed sparkle! Click here for more information about planning.

Sparkler on Top

Whether you’re presenting your cake by wheeling it out or displaying the show on a stationary table, 20” Gold sparklers are the best quality sparklers to create a 2-minute extravaganza. The 20” sparklers – versus sparklers with a longer stem – add to a quick and entertaining presentation of the traditional cake-cutting ceremony.

If you plan to place the sparkler directly on the cake, make a note to your baker that you will be including them so he or she will decorate it with the extra flare in mind.

A Sparkling Send-Off

Following the reception, make a sparkling exit by creating a walkway with wedding sparklers. Have guests form two lines on the sides of the path to your planned method of departure. Have the bridesmaids and groomsmen hand them out and begin to light the wedding sparklers. Guests can also begin to pass their sparkler to the person next to them – like a domino effect. Once the sparklers are all set, the path is ready for you to go through!

The best wedding day sparklers to use are 36” sparklers; long stem sparklers will lighten your walkway for four minutes – enough time to capture your perfect photos and still make a dazzling getaway.

A glittery send off

If you’re looking to buy wedding sparklers, check out the BuySparklers selection of wedding sparklers. We also have Champagne poppers, bottle sparklers and other party favors. The BuySparklers gallery includes how some customers have incorporated sparklers into their wedding. You can find more tips to help make your wedding sparkle throughout the website or contact us directly for more information.

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